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Anna Judd

Tao of Forgetting A2

Tao of Forgetting A2

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Adrift in a sea of inky midnight, Tao of Forgetting A2 lures the viewer with the mercurial dance of a spectrum that oscillates from a deep ebony to the subtlest hint of indigo. This delicate interplay is more than surface deep; it is as though the very essence of the nocturnal sky were disseminated into the fabric of the paint. Breezes of titanium white and faint touches of dove gray create an inviting contrast upon this dark canvas, much like the momentary flicker of distant stars in the apprehensive night.

Within the grander scheme of the polyptych, there exists a dialogue of visual art that speaks to modern tastes. Envisioning this slice of artistic innovation alongside adjacent Scales B2, C2, D2, harmonizes an interior monologue that captivates collectors who thirst for both minimalist abstract art and the gravity of black abstract art. The textural dynamism conveyed in each Scale piques curiosity, forging a narrative that enriches any gallery wall or museum-quality art installation with its intense presence.

Echoing the boundless depth of this piece, the broader brush with larger fine art prints encourages the beholder to plunge into the serene abyss of Tao of Forgetting A2. In settings where soft, ambient lighting meets sleek modern decor or even among the earthy tones of a boho-inspired space, this original artwork becomes a captivating focal point. The allure lies not just in the rich visual tableau it presents, but in the profound introspections it invites, fostering a luxurious transformation of any room into a sanctuary of art appreciation and designer choice.
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