How To Choose Your Scales

The Art of Choosing Art: A Scales Journey

Embark on a journey with us through the Scales collection, where each piece is a fragment of a larger, wondrous narrative, waiting to transform your space into a realm of stories. This guide is designed to help you confidently select the perfect wall art from our vast portfolio, ensuring it resonates with your space and spirit.


Size: The Canvas of Your Story

In the world of Scales, size is more than a measurement; it’s about the scale of your narrative.

Each assembly should ideally occupy 50%-75% of your available wall space, be it an empty stretch in a hallway or a blank canvas above your furniture. If your heart hesitates between sizes, remember: in the realm of Scales, bigger often means more immersive. For those who love to create, consider grouping smaller pieces to form a gallery wall, allowing each Scale to converse and coalesce into a larger story.


  • Measure your wall space meticulously before choosing your Scales. Ideally, your final piece should occupy about 50%-75% of your wall. This creates a visual impact without overwhelming the space.
  • In smaller rooms, consider a single, large-sized Scale to create a focal point without cluttering the area.
  • For larger walls or spaces, think of creating a narrative journey with multiple Scales. The expansive portfolio of over 6,500 pieces offers endless combinations to tell your story.
  • Avoid choosing a Scale assembly too small for a large wall, as it can appear lost and disconnected.
  • Resist the urge to overcrowd a small space with too many Scales, which can create a sense of clutter.


    Personality: Echoes of Your Essence

    In every space, be it a cozy home corner, a dynamic office, or a public venue, there's a story waiting to be told. Scales, with its stunning array of over 6,500 artworks, offers a universe of narratives, colors, and emotions to suit every ambiance and audience. Whether you're a homeowner, a designer, or curating for a corporate setting, our collection invites you to weave a tapestry that resonates with the diverse experiences and aspirations of all who encounter it. Create a gallery wall that's more than art – a confluence of dreams, memories, and visions, echoing the unique spirit of every space.


    • Select Scales that resonate with your personal experiences or aspirations. This connection ensures the art is more than decor; it's a reflection of you.
    • Consider creating a custom gallery wall with Scales that vary in theme but share a common thread – be it color, mood, or narrative. This approach allows for a dynamic and personal storytelling experience.
    • Designers and Corporate Buyers: Opt for Scales that embody a universal appeal, resonating with a wide audience while adding depth and character to various spaces.


    • Don’t choose Scales based solely on color trends or popularity. The Scales catalogue is vast, so dive in and explore before simply buying what everyone else is buying. The art in your spaces should speak to you, not simply be decorative elements.
    • Avoid mismatching themes and colors that don’t resonate with your personal style, as this can create a disjointed aesthetic.
    • Designers and Corporate Buyers: Be cautious of combining Scales with themes and colors that clash within the context of your intended space. In corporate and commercial environments, it's vital to create a visually cohesive narrative. The artwork should complement the space's overall design and purpose for a resonant, coordinated look.


    Room Style: Harmonizing Art and Space

    Each Scale speaks a different language, one that should harmonize with the style and feel of your room. For modern spaces, consider bold, abstract pieces or dynamic fragments of a larger narrative. For homes echoing a bohemian or rustic vibe, lean towards Scales with warmer, earthier tones. The Scales collection offers an array of choices, ensuring a perfect match for every room style.


    • For modern spaces, choose Scales with bold colors or abstract narratives. These add a contemporary edge to your decor.
    • In more traditional or rustic settings, select Scales with earthy tones or serene landscapes, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
    • Don’t select a Scale that clashes with the room's existing style. A mismatch can disrupt the room's harmony.
    • Avoid overly bright or loud Scales in a room meant for relaxation, like a bedroom. Choose calming narratives for such spaces.


    Theme: Crafting Your Visual Symphony

    Think of your space as a stage for a thematic symphony. Whether you desire a tropical, beachy vibe or a simple, elegant aura, Scales offers you the freedom to choose a theme that resonates with your vision. With our expansive portfolio, you can even align your art with the seasons, transforming your space to reflect the changing moods of the year. 

    • Decide on a theme that speaks to your heart. Whether it's adventure, tranquility, or romance, let your chosen Scales bring this theme to life.
    • Use Scales to accentuate seasonal changes in your decor. The collection’s diversity allows for a seamless transition from vibrant summer narratives to cozy winter scenes.
    • Don’t force a theme that doesn’t naturally fit with your space or personal taste.
    • Avoid over-theming, which can make a space feel more like a stage set than a home.


    Color: Painting Your Palette 

    Color in the Scales collection is a language of its own. Whether you seek a cohesive look with a unified color scheme or wish to experiment with contrasting shades, our collection allows you to play with colors in a way that complements your space.

    From bold, striking hues to subtle, serene palettes, each Scale is an opportunity to infuse your space with color that reflects the nuances of your personality and decor.


    • If your room has a neutral palette, use Scales to add a pop of color, creating a dynamic yet harmonious look.
    • For a bold approach, use complementary colors from the color wheel to create a visually striking effect.
    • Adorn your space with Scales that seamlessly integrate with your room's color palette, creating an upscale and cohesive ambiance.
    • Embrace opulence by selecting Scales in complementary colors from the color wheel, adding a visually captivating contrast to your décor.
    • Utilize a refined color scheme in varying shades. For instance, a delicate blue and ivory Scale offers an exquisite contrast against a deeper blue wall.
    • Ensure the hues of your Scales proportionally reflect those in your space, like a room in cream and gold with subtle rose accents, matched with cream and gold Scales with a hint of rose.
    • For a classic, sophisticated look, opt for monochrome Scales, exuding timeless elegance.
    • Mood-Setting Hues: Select colors that evoke the desired ambiance, with plush, cooler colors for tranquility or vibrant, warmer tones for a lively, lavish atmosphere.


    • Don’t choose colors that clash with your existing decor. This can create visual chaos.
    • Avoid using too many different colors in a single space, as this can disrupt the visual flow and coherence.
    • Steer clear of excessive color diversity within a single space, preserving a streamlined and elegant visual flow.


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