About the Artist

About Anna Judd

Anna Judd is an accomplished artist whose life's work has been deeply rooted in the serene mountains of Northern California. Alongside her husband and her dog, she resides in a forest cabin, enveloped by the majesty of redwoods.

Trained classically in both portraiture and landscape painting, Anna has dedicated decades to perfecting her craft. Her methodical approach and discerning eye have earned her mastery in composition, color theory, and design, allowing her work to resonate with depth and precision.

Anna's journey into abstract art marks her as a standout innovator in the field. Her unique techniques and methods not only push the boundaries of traditional art forms but also create an entirely new and captivating visual language.

Her oil paintings are admired and avidly collected by notable art connoisseurs around the globe.

As her style continues to evolve and flourish, her latest collection, Scales, has achieved a significant milestone, surpassing over $1 million USD in secondary sales on digital art marketplaces worldwide.

You can learn more about Anna, her work and process by visiting her website, following Scales on Twitter, and joining our Discord.

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