About Scales

Scales emerges from a process of deconstructing and reimagining Anna Judd's abstract oil paintings. Each painting is digitally segmented into smaller pieces, known as 'Scales.'

These fragments, while individually distinct and complete works in their own right, retain a connection to the original composition, offering a unique perspective on the overarching theme. The collection is extensive, encompassing over 6,500 Scales derived from 288 original paintings and growing. The collection will be complete at 10,000 Scales.

Each Scale is a narrative element, a singular expression that contributes to the larger story crafted by Anna. This approach not only challenges traditional perceptions of art but also invites a deeper exploration into the narratives embedded within each piece.

At the crossroads of the digital and the tangible, Scales occupies a unique space. While each Scale exists as a digital asset on the blockchain, ensuring its authenticity and uniqueness, there's also a physical manifestation. These are available as prints on Chromaluxe® aluminum panels, known for their longevity, 3D depth and color richness.

Available in various sizes, these prints bring the tactile essence of Anna's work into any space. Beyond being a mere collection of abstract art, Scales is a thriving community of art lovers, collectors, and narrators. Engaging with this project means contributing to an evolving art narrative, pushing the boundaries of how art is perceived and interacted with.

We extend an invitation to you to become part of this innovative journey. Engaging with Scales is not just acquiring a piece of art; it's embracing a segment of a living, evolving story. Dive into the Scales collection, and discover not just art, but stories waiting to unfold, chapters of a never-ending tale.

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