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We are pioneers. Risk takers. Artists.

In 2021 Anna began exploring NFTs as a serious medium of artistic expression. Scales was imagined as an inventive new way to democratize ownership of her paintings and share them freely with the world. 

In June of 2022, the first 504 Scales were minted to the Ethereum blockchain - given away to collectors for free - beginning a years long journey of radical generosity wherein we greatly enrich our community with art and eth.

Scales are released 500-1000 at a time in a series of highly anticipated drops and later made available to purchase here as ChromaLuxe prints.

Every single Scale has an authentic digital NFT twin - and someone, somewhere in the world, owns it.

In addition to usage rights of the image, holding a Scale NFT grants each owner exclusive privileges, discounts, and community benefits.

Our next drop (#10), is scheduled for March 23rd, 2024.

Since our first mint, trading volume for Scales NFTs on Web3 marketplaces has exceeded $1,000,000 (260+ETH) and our community of active traders, collectors, and fans has grown massively.

Scales is the largest - hand painted by the artist - NFT art project on earth and it's still growing. At it's conclusion, 10,000 Scales will be born over a period of multiple years.

At, we aim to extend the magic of Scales beyond the halls of web3 to the walls of the world.

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