No print media on earth compares to Scales on ChromaLuxe aluminum.

We've experimented on dozens of media types. One reigns supreme.

Exquisite Colors

Scales are renowned for their intricate detail and nuanced color palettes, the result of Anna Judd's masterful technique of layering of oil paint on canvas. ChromaLuxe aluminum panels perfectly complement this with superior chromatic vibrancy, mirroring and amplifying the depth of each Scale. The exquisite pairing ensures that every subtle hue and gradient in the artwork is vividly brought to life.

Unmatched Clarity and Depth

In our studio, countless hours are dedicated to meticulously enhancing each Scale, ensuring the paint achieves a resonant, hyper-realistic quality. The extensive layering and intricate textures in Scales are complemented by the immaculate depth quality of ChromaLuxe aluminum panels. This synergy culminates in unparalleled detail and clarity, providing each Scale with a presence that mesmerizes.

Convenient and Flexible Display

The versatility of the Scales collection is un-paralleled by any fine art collection on earth. Scales are infinitely adaptable in size and configuration, giving collectors an opportunity to create a highly personalized work of art for various spaces and styles. ChromaLuxe panels dramatically enhance this feature with ease of hanging and optional third party framing, allowing seamless, effortless integration of the artwork into any environment.


Immediate display readiness is key to Scale's appeal. All of our ChromaLuxe panels are equipped with a float hanger for a hassle-free, ready-to-hang solution that eliminates the need for additional preparation like stretching or mounting. Scales go from the box to your wall in a snap.

Enduring Beauty for Every Environment

Scales are forever enduring masterpieces. The ChromaLuxe marriage ensures that each Scale is not only visually stunning but also resilient to various environments. Our panels are scratch, spill, and splatter proof, making them perfect for display in any space. From the calm of a study to the liveliness of kitchens, bathrooms, and patios, the lasting durability of ChromaLuxe aluminum ensures that your Scales will be a part of your collection for decades to come.