Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scales by Anna Judd?

Scales by Anna Judd is a unique abstract art collection, showcasing intricately detailed fractal segments of oil-on-canvas paintings.

This one-of-a-kind series invites collectors to co-create personalized art displays, with each Scale available on seamlessly interconnectable Chromaluxe aluminum panels.

How are Scales created?

Every Scales painting consists of up to 30 layers of oil paint, methodically mixed and meticulously applied atop canvas.

After Anna completes a painting, it is carefully dried, scanned in high definition, digitally divided into Scales, and rigorously touched up to improve composition, remove imperfections in the paint, and obscure a sense of scale.

Digital polishing allows these works to be beautifully produced in sizes up to 36x36".

Digitally polishing physical paintings?

Anna Judd and her small team digitally polish every Scale by hand - a meticulous removal of blemishes and imperfections from every square inch, endowing the paint with a hyper-real quality.

This intensive refinement of the work ensures that every pixel is finely tuned. The process is marked by a deep commitment to achieving the highest level of fidelity and texture.

This rigorous attention to detail in the digital realm mirrors Anna's dedication in the physical, resulting in a harmonious blend of traditional technique and modern technology.

What size Scales are available?

Scales are available in sizes ranging from 6x6 inches to 36x36 inches.

Do you ship Scales internationally?

We are delighted to offer international shipping. Scales is located in the United States, but we ship to over 60 countries. Please note that shipping times and costs vary widely, so if you're shipping outside the US, you need a custom shipping quote to ensure the best rate.

At check out, enter your shipping address then SELECT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING as your PAYMENT METHOD. Click "Complete order".

We'll be in touch promptly with your shipping rates and invoice.

If we do not ship physical Scales to your country, consider collecting, trading, printing and displaying Scales NFTs, available on NFT marketplaces worldwide.

Can I buy a print of an entire painting?

No. Scales are designed for multi-panel display in many sizes and configurations.

Sold separately, they encourage collectors to piece together adjacent Scales, creating a narrative uniquely tailored to their space and vision.

How do I choose the perfect Scales?

To get started, check out How To Choose Scales and Selecting The Ideal Size.

Use our Search By Color tool to visually match your décor.

Try the Search glass in the menu bar to browse by theme, color and more.

How can I best visualize connecting Scales?

All Scales in a single painting connect to each other, encouraging the creation of completely unique artworks. To start planning your multi-panel Scales piece, browse Full Paintings.

Each is displayed in it's grid of connecting Scales allowing you to explore, zoom, select and create your very own personalized work of art.

What is your shipping policy?

Every Scale we ship is made to order and carefully hand-packed in custom parcels to protect the artwork in transit.

Shipping details, including costs and delivery times, are provided at checkout and vary based on location and order size.

Can Scales be framed?

While our Chromaluxe aluminum prints are absolutely stunning on their own, you can certainly opt for framing.

Please note however, framing services are not offered through this site, and we recommend professional framing for best results.

How can I track my order after purchase?

Your bespoke Scales artwork is created-to-order within 3 business days and sent off to it's new home.

Once shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number and instructions on how to monitor your shipment's progress.

What is the expected lifespan of a Scale?

Chromaluxe panels are renowned for their incredible durability, pristine quality and resistance to fading. Properly cared for, your Scales will last a lifetime, ensuring many years of enjoyment.

How do I care for my Scales?

Properly caring for your Scales is simple!

Scales are UV resistant and waterproof. They can be displayed outdoors and in wet environments, just keep them out of direct sunlight.

As needed, use a soft, dry (or damp) cloth to remove dust.

What if my Scales arrive damaged?

We have pioneered custom packaging for shipping Scales that greatly reduces the likelihood of damage in transit. If however this unlikely event befalls you, our return policy has instructions on how to proceed.

I have another question. How can I contact you?

We're happy to discuss your project, help you design your space and answer media inquiries.

Reach out to the Scales team using our contact form here.