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Anna Judd

Skipping Stones with Mary Magdalene B2

Skipping Stones with Mary Magdalene B2

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A tapestry of cerulean and cobalt unfurls in Skipping Stones with Mary Magdalene B2, where the serene blues merge with hints of violet, their radiance suggesting the reflective surface of an undisturbed lake at twilight. This segment of the complete series glows with a harmonious blend of hues, the layered oils revealing a depth that beckons the viewer to look closer, to discover the subtle interplay of light and shadow that gives the impression of endless calm. One's attention is inexorably drawn to the occasional bursts of crimson and magenta, which provide a counterpoint to the cooler tones and infuse the composition with a richness and vitality that belies its overall tranquility.

Placed within a modern living space or a professional office, the distinct but connected energy of Skipping Stones with Mary Magdalene B2 invites contemplation and could be elevated through juxtaposition with neutral wall tones and minimalist decor. Exploring further, the adjacent Scales of B1, B3, B4 offer the chance to expand this tranquil pensiveness across a gallery wall, seamlessly knitting a narrative of vividness and architectural color. As visual art, this piece harmonizes with others to tell a story larger than itself, suggesting an appreciation of designergs favorite and museum-quality collectible art.

The voluptuous form and texture, when rendered on a grander scale, elicit an immersive experience that highlights the subtle nuances which might otherwise remain hidden. These larger-than-life prints serve not just as decorative art, but as portals to memories and emotions, unspoken but deeply felt. For the discerning patron, such contemporary abstract art carries the possibility of becoming the keystone of an art collection, a statement piece that imbues a room transformation with rich, saturated colors.
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