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Anna Judd

Extradition of Preference C3

Extradition of Preference C3

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Infused with a saturation of magenta, Extradition of Preference C3 presents an intimate exploration of color, its mars black and titanium white contours creating a topography of visual intensity. The pigmentation is so rich it seems to hum with a life of its own, as if these deep hues have harnessed the essence of twilight and channeled it onto the canvas. Chartreuse inflections melt into the fabric of the scene, contributing to its dynamic energy, a hallmark of fine art prints that captures the imagination and adorns spaces with vibrancy.

Visual cohesiveness is paramount in collecting Scales; therefore, one might consider expanding this journey with adjacent Scales A3, B3, and D3. The master composition of these artworks complements one another, and together, they weave a visual tale of aesthetic harmony and intrigue. To experience Extradition of Preference in its entirety is to immerse oneself in a narrative greater than the sum of its parts - an ambient discourse in artistic innovation and contemporary abstract art.

Ideal for a gallery wall or an art installation that transforms an environment, the allure of this piece - as with all original artworks - is magnified at grand scale, inviting viewers to step closer, to unravel the layers of oil painting with a discerning eye. Positioned within a home gallery or office decor adorned with muted natural tones or stark modernist whites, this Scale elevates its surroundings - its chromatic intensity echoing the vibrant art of today and the bold artistic choices echoed in the finest swaths of our collective art appreciation.
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