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Anna Judd

Becoming One With Loss B1

Becoming One With Loss B1

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Gazing upon Becoming One With Loss B1, one is met with a serene cerulean expanse, a tranquil canvas where mists of cream and whispers of pale azure play amongst each other. Together, they invoke a sense of calm and composure, a visual symphony of minimalist aesthetic. At the fringes of this serenity, bold streaks of alizarin crimson cascade, bringing a dynamic contrast to the composition. Intricately wrought, artistic innovation breathes through the work, as harmonious pigments are composed on the square canvas in a dance of color and light.

Envisioning Becoming One With Loss B1 as part of a domestic oasis or a contemplative office space, one can see the transformative power it holds. Against an eggshell wall, its gentle hues and vigorous energy offer a meditative focal point, inviting tranquility into a modern, minimalist interior. For a collector with an eye for contemporary abstract art or an interior designer seeking a statement piece, the Scale presents an original artwork that captures the imagination and compliments a refined taste. As the eye wanders to adjacent Scales like A1, C1, the cohesion of the collection tells a larger story, each tile a chapter in a visual narrative that spans both time and emotion.

The artist has created a Scale infused with a tactile quality that beckons to be experienced on a grander scale. Fine art printing magnifies the intricate details that are knitted into the very essence of the work, inviting an immersive experience that only a large abstract art piece can provide. It's not just art, but an invitation - an invitation to a transformative journey through fine art prints that possess the power to enliven any space with their vibrant artistry.
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6,508 Scales : Infinite Combinations

Co-create a bespoke work of art for your space.

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Scales Can Be Small. Scales can be BIG.

From 6 to 36 in², Scales fill any space perfectly so you can shop the entire collection without worrying about fit.

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Expandable and modular, Scales provide endless creative freedom to build a custom art piece for any space.

Complement Any Space With Art in Any Color

With over 6,500 Scales, you're guaranteed to discover hundreds that will beautifully enhance your decor.

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We scoured the globe in search of the best print media. Chromaluxe aluminum reigns supreme, amplifying the lush textures, delicate gradients, and rich colors in these iconic works.

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