Note From Anna

My art has been a lifelong exploration of identity and its relationship to self-realization.

My abstract paintings are explorations of the Unknown, an homage to the Mystery. I am not attempting to express any specific vision, but instead, I attempt to create art that is spontaneously born.

My task as the artist is to create a container wherein this is possible. I closely follow a technical and somatic process, and then, surrender to the Unknown. I must disappear as the individual that wants recognition, and become excruciatingly present for what the painting needs. To become the midwife of art that is not my own expression, but that of nature itself.

And yet, as a part of nature, I am present in each of my works, the steady human heartbeat.

These paintings are energetic. How I show up to the canvas, shows up on the canvas.

In this way, they are always truthful.


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